Dear client, inside the car park you can find the Electric Vehicles Charging Service, with 16 Charging Stations available.

For more informations please check the "Services" section or click the LINK.

Our car park is close to many tourist attractions in Venice

During your stay in Venice do not settle for any parking. Choose Parking Tronchetto.

In this section you will find the list of services that Tronchetto Parking has created for you; for a leisure stay, for a business trip or for your Cruise choose convenience and quality.

24h 7/7

You can park in Venice at any time of the day in total safety; the car park is always supervised by personnel ready for any emergency

Got luggage?

Do not worry: the parking has 5 lifts to get to street level.


Complying with the highest safety standards, the car park is equipped with a defibrillator and first aid point.
In addition, your car is always monitored by 110 cameras, installed in various points of the structure.

Vip Area

The car park has a VIP area where you can leave your car in a reserved space, protected by special fencing and in complete safety.

Servizio di ricarica per i veicoli elettrici

You can find the Electric Vehicles Charging Area inside the car park by going to floor 0 sector B, in the proximity of the exits. There are 16 Charging Stations available which supply AC up to 22 kW each. For more informations regarding access criteria, tariffs and how to use the Service please visit the website: Electric Vehicles Charging Service

Are you arranging a Special Event?

You can book indoor or outdoor spaces for your events by contacting our organization in advance. It is possible to reserve the slots for multiple days or for a single day. In addition to this, the external area can also be fitted to allow the delivery of cars through car transporters. We suggest you to contact us directly and to arrange a site visit, in order to best define and fulfill your requests.

Drinks and snacks vending machines

Near the checkout area you will find drink and snack vending machines to cool off after your journey.